Endless / by David FeBland

A friend of mine, a fellow artist who had a studio in the same artist's building, modeled for this painting some years ago. He admired my work and often stopped by my studio accompanied by different women all of whom shared one characteristic: they always seemed very, very tired. One day he vanished from the building, never to return. A few years passed without any word from my friend. One day, l went to see the film Client 9; The Rise & Fall of Eliot Spitzer. There, in a prominent role, was Herb being interviewed in his new studio, describing his "day job" as protector of the House's interests at the escort service that Spitzer frequented. My friend had parlayed his time in Riker's Island into a spectacular self-promotion of his own paintings, and now l knew why the women he brought by my space looked as tho' they needed a good night's rest.

Endless   Oil on Canvas 24" x 48"

Endless Oil on Canvas 24" x 48"